G Square’s strong healthcare investment and successful investment track record in European healthcare experience provides powerful benefits. Deep industry knowledge and international network generates some proprietary investment opportunities.

How we manage our healthcare investments

G Square: Taking on opportunities in the European healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is changing all the time. New technologies and procedures are frequently being developed and arriving on the market. In addition, expenditure in healthcare is steadily increasing due to an ageing population.

With deregulation, privatization and outsourcing driving fragmented markets, G Square’s team of healthcare investors aims to work alongside its capital investments to navigate this ever-changing landscape effectively.

Our success in healthcare investment

The strength of G Square stems from its strong foundations in European healthcare investments. With a deep knowledge and keen understanding of this specific market, the G Square team of specialist healthcare investors generates proprietary investment opportunities, while adding value to the companies it invests in by contributing to the strategic and operational discussions of the project, while also helping recruit professional management.

With €1.9bn under management, and twenty two successful capital investment deals in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Italy and the United Kingdom, G Square has a proven track record when it comes to healthcare private equity.

All of G Square’s capital investment projects meet a specific set of criteria, as mid-market healthcare organisations with high-growth potential. With this exclusion of development stage biotechnology companies, this includes private hospitals, nursing homes, home care, specialised surgical, dental and medical services, contract research organisations, manufacturing organisations, distributors, and the providers or distributors of new medical technologies. This also includes services to the pharmaceutical and MedTech industry, as well as healthcare IT.