Established in 1992, SARquavitae is the leading provider of residential and homecare services for the elderly in Spain. The group operates 83 nursing homes, 21 day care centers and runs a home care business, attending the needs of 200,000 persons. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. G Square invested in 2009 to help the group carry out its development plans and seize growth opportunities.

Why G Square backed them

SARquavitae, established in 1992, operates several nursing homes, welfare institutions and homes for people with complex needs and currently employees over 2,000 staff.

The company is comprised of a team of specialists in the provision of medical and social services both in healthcare centres and in domiciliary care, providing solutions tailored to meet each individual’s needs. With a commitment to innovation, excellence, and complete transparency, the company works through a process of collaboration and motivation to deliver for its residents and their families. 

G Square and SARQuavitae medical investment partnership


Status: Realised
Activity: Nursing homes
Initial Investment: 2009
Location: Spain